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Sell Disney Vacation Club


Do you charge any up-front fees for listing my property? Appraisal Fees? Advertising Fees?NO! The Timeshare Store, Inc.® has never charged any type of listing fee to Disney Vacation Club owners wanting to sell their properties! They are rip-off’s and no one should pay someone for work yet to be done. We MUST work hard to sell your property, because we don’t make any money until we do! Other companies have no incentive to work if they have already received money from you!

How long will it take to sell my Disney Vacation Club property?

There is no predetermined sales time when it comes to selling your points, however, 2 minutes is our current record! Factors which greatly affect the amount of time it takes to sell a property include: Resort, price, banked points, borrowed points, deeded # of points, etc. As a transaction broker, we are not able to promise we can sell your property, only that we will do our absolute best to effectively market and find a buyer for your property at a fair market price.

What determines the amount of money I will receive at closing?

You will receive the sale proceeds less a $20 Right of First Refusal Fee, less a $150 Estoppel Fee and a commission*. Any outstanding liens, mortgages, maintenance fees or late fees that may have been assessed to your property will also be deducted. Closing costs are usually paid by the buyer. If you have paid your annual dues for the year in which the buyer wishes to assume usage, we will ask that those fees be reimbursed to you.

*As a foreign seller you will most likely also have to pay a 15% FIRPTA tax.

How does The Timeshare Store, Inc.® make money?

We are a transaction broker, registered in the State of Florida, working strictly on commission. We spend OUR time and OUR advertising dollars finding buyers for your property and will continue to do so until it is sells. If we do not sell your property, we do not make a dime.

Once my property is sold, how long will it take to close?

Once the contract has been properly signed and the deposit received, closing typically takes place within 60 days. Please consult your associate for a better timeframe for your particular resale. You do NOT have to come to Florida for the closing! All paperwork is handled through the modern simplicities of e-mail and fax machines.