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Vero Beach Resort Membership expires 2042  - Annual Dues $10.13 per point

210 points. August use year. 210 points coming on 8/1/21 and 210 points coming on 8/1/22. CANNOT CLOSE UNTIL 9/21/20. Closing Costs: $571 Annual Dues at Closing: $1195.34 Priced at $64/pt ($13440) Total Price: $15206.34 Ref# VB210-08-0116-js

Property Details

    • Reference # VB210-08-0116
    • Use Year August
    • Deed Expires 2042
    • Price Per Point $64
    • Sale Price $13,440
    • Closing Cost $571
    • Annual Dues $1195
    • Total Price $15,206

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Disney's Vero Beach Resort 9250 Island Grove Terrace, Vero Beach, FL 32963
Disney's Vero Beach Resort is located in Vero Beach, Florida on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, about two hours southeast of Walt Disney World. The resort opened in 1995 as the first Disney Resort to be constructed away from it's theme parks. Guests staying at Vero Beach Resort have the choice of staying in the Villas or the main Hotel section of the property (the Inn Rooms). This resort also offers 12 private free standing 3 Bedroom Beach Houses with unparalleled views of the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. This resorts has 211 villas and expires in 2042.