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Saratoga Springs Membership expires 2054  - Annual Dues $6.77 per point

200 points. September use year. 200 points coming on 9/1/21 and 200 points coming on 9/1/22. CANNOT CLOSE UNTIL 8/16/20. Closing Costs: $691 Annual Dues at Closing: $0 Priced at $107/pt ($21400)  Total Price:  $22091  Ref# SS200-09-0602-jc

Property Details

    • Reference # SS200-09-0602
    • Use Year September
    • Deed Expires 2054
    • Price Per Point $107
    • Sale Price $21,400
    • Closing Cost $691
    • Total Price $22,091

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Disney's Saratoga Springs 1960 Broadway Lake, Buena Vista FL 32830
Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa welcomed it's first guests in 2004. The resort recreates the upstate New York country retreats of the early-1900s, featuring babbling brooks, a themed pool, dark wood antique-style furniture, and Victorian era architecture, fabrics and colors. Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa also offers a unique 3 bedroom Tree House Villa that sleeps 9 people. The resort is located within walking distance to Disney Springs which is an epic entertainment center with tons of shopping, dining, lively entertainment, and fun for the whole family. Saratoga Springs also offers bus transportation to the rest of the Walt Disney World attractions. This location offers 1320 villas and expires in 2054.