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Old Key West Membership expires EXPIRES 2042  - Annual Dues $8.36 per point

300 points. February use year. 447 points coming on 2/1/21 (152 + 295 banked from 2020, banked points need to be used by 2/1/22) and 300 points coming on 2/1/22. Closing Costs: $818 Annual Dues at Closing: $1270.72 Priced at $104/pt ($31200)  Total Price:  $33288.72  Ref# OKW300-02-0107-js

Property Details

    • Reference # OKW300-02-0107
    • Use Year February
    • Deed Expires 2042
    • Banked Points 295
    • Price Per Point $104
    • Sale Price $31,200
    • Closing Cost $818
    • Annual Dues $1271
    • Total Price $33,289

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Disney's Old Key West 1510 N Cove Rd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Disney's Old Key West Resort is where it all started for the Disney Vacation Club program. It opened in late 1991 and is located near Disney Springs. It is the original resort and was at one time known as the “Disney Vacation Club Resort”. This resort has an Old Florida theme and is set on Disney's Lake Buena Vista golf course. The villas offer one of the most spacious accommodations at one of the lowest point cost. Boat service is available to Disney Springs as well as bus services to any Walt Disney World attraction. This resort has 761 villas and is the only resort with 2 expirations, most expire in 2042 and some expire in 2057.