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The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel® & Spa Membership expires 2060 - Annual Dues $6.27 per point

200 points. June use year. 13 banked points currently available, which need to be used by 6/1/21, 291 points coming on 6/1/21 (200 + 91 banked from 2020, banked points need to be used by 6/1/22) and 200 points coming on 6/1/22 Closing Costs: $716 Annual Dues at Closing: $1400 Priced at $225/pt ($45000)  Total Price:  $47116  Ref# GCAL200-06-1209-1-ya

Property Details

    • Reference # GCAL200-06-1209-1
    • Use Year June
    • Deed Expires 2060
    • Banked Points 104
    • Price Per Point $225
    • Sale Price $45,000
    • Closing Cost $716
    • Annual Dues $1400
    • Total Price $47,116

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Disney's Grand Californian1600 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
The Grand Californian Resort is Disney's first west coast resort is located in the heart of Disneyland. The Grand Californian resort offers award winning restaurants, luxurious spa, and wonderful lounges to relax. The property is a short walk to the exciting Downtown Disney area, the world's first theme park Disneyland, as well as Disney's California Adventure theme park. This resort has 71 villas and is the smallest DVC resort and expires in 2060.