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Boardwalk Villas Membership expires 2042  - Annual Dues $7.37 per point

200 points. August use year. 188 points currently available and 200 points coming on 8/1/20. Closing Costs=$755 Priced at $132/pt ($26,400) Ref #BW200-08-1206-js

Property Details

    • Reference # BW200-08-1206
    • Use Year August
    • Deed Expires 2042
    • Price Per Point $132
    • Sale Price $26,400
    • Closing Cost $755
    • Annual Dues $1474
    • Total Price $28,629

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Disney's Boardwalk Villas 2101 North Epcot Resorts Blvd, Orlando, FL 32830
Disney's BoardWalk Villas opened during the summer of 1996 and consists of the Villas (the DVC villas) and the Inn, which is hotel units. The Boardwalk Resort is located near Epcot and contains an entertainment district with several restaurants (including ESPN Zone), a convenience store, ice cream parlor and candy store, the Wyland Art Gallery, a Dance Hall, and dueling piano bar. Not to mention nightly entertainment with jugglers and magicians at various times. Guests can walk to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot, or take boat transportation. There is also bus transportation available to all other WDW attractions. This location has 532 villas and will expire in 2042.