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Bay Lake Tower Membership expires 2060  - Annual Dues $6.58 per point

200 points. March use year. 19 points currently available, 14 points coming on 3/1/21, and 200 points coming on 3/1/22. CANNOT CLOSE UNTIL 12/21/20. Closing Costs=$780 Priced at $139/pt ($27,800) Ref #BLT200-03-1229-js

Property Details

    • Reference # BLT200-03-1229
    • Use Year March
    • Deed Expires 2060
    • Price Per Point $139
    • Sale Price $27,800
    • Closing Cost $793
    • Annual Dues $126
    • Total Price $28,719

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Disney's Bay Lake Tower 4600 World Dr Lake, Buena Vista FL 32830
Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort • With the Magic Kingdom at your doorstep, Bay Lake Tower is a short Monorail ride or walk from the world famous theme park. The resort, which opened in fall of 2009, offers you your choice of 4 different accommodations with a view of either a fireworks filled Magic Kingdom or peaceful, serene Bay Lake. Amenities include the new Bay Cove Pool and interactive children's play area, a Sky Way Bridge to the Contemporary Resort or the Top of the World Lounge where the family can gather for a view of the Magic Kingdom below. This location will expire in 2060.