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To make an offer on a property at the asking price or present an offer you can call us at 800-550-6493 or complete and submit the information below. Once we have all the information we will be able to present the offer to the seller.

      1. Names you would like on the deed (legal names including middle initials and all names should be 18 years and older.)
      2. Need to know offer (offers are generally made on price per point with buyers paying closing costs and buyer paying annual dues on the current points for the year)
      3. Home address
      4. Phone numbers
      5. Need to know if the purchase is contingent on financing
      6. Need to know if you are a current member (If you are a member please advise which resort you own and your current use year)

If you and the seller reach an agreement we need 10% of the purchase price or $500 (whichever is greater) within 7 days once your offer has been accepted. The balance would not be due until closing which is about 6 to 8 weeks from the time of purchase. The final payment to the closing company will need to be either a wire transfer, bank check or cashiers check. A credit card cannot be used for the final payment.