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Reasons to purchase through the resale market

  • The price per point in the resale market is less expensive than purchasing directly from Disney (current price is $188 per point).  For example, you can purchase Animal Kingdom between $105 to $115 per point, Beach Club between $140 to $150 per point, and Bay Lake Tower between $135 to $145 per point.

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  • DVC Resale points can be used at ANY Disney Vacation Club Resort at Walt Disney World (10 resorts), Disneyland (1), Hawaii (1), South Carolina(1), and Vero Beach, FL(1) for a total of 14 different Disney Vacation Club Resorts.
  • DVC Resale points are available for use through the RCI Exchange Program.  Click here to see RCI point charts. There are over 2,000 timeshares outside of Disney that are available for exchange through the RCI Exchange Program. Click here to view these RCI resort options.
  • The DVC resale buyer has the opportunity to purchase any DVC Resort. The most popular resorts for purchase are Beach Club, Bay Lake Tower and Saratoga Springs.  Your home resort priority remains the same, you can book your home resort 11 months in advance or 7 months in advance at any other DVC resort from your arrival date.
  • Saratoga Springs is currently the best value in purchasing DVC if you plan on making your reservations less than 7 months in advance. Our buyers recently have purchased Saratoga between $100 to $105 per point.
  • If you are a current DVC Owner wanting to add on a small point contract at the same resort we most likely have the listing you need or will have it in our inventory soon.  For example, if you own a 150 points at Wilderness Lodge and you are looking to add 50 points we can help you find the extra amount of points your looking for. If we don’t have the listing you need at the moment we could add you to our distribution list so you can receive our new listings via email.

Reasons to purchase direct from Disney.

  • If you want to purchase a specific amount of points at their brand new Copper Creek Resort at Wilderness Lodge and the amount is not available in the resale market you might choose to buy directly from Disney.
  • Disney will not issue a resale buyer a DVC Member ID Card.  By not having a member ID card the owner will not receive discounts on the Annual Pass, selected Disney restaurants and selected Disney merchandise shops. If you buy resale and decide later that you would prefer to have a membership card you could then purchase a 100 point contract from Disney simply to get the membership card.
  • If you wanted to use DVC points for the Disney Collection, Concierge Collection, and Adventures Collection you might consider buying those points directly from Disney.  Please keep in mind that the majority of DVC Owners do not use these collections because of the poor trading value to use your points.